Bhavik's Bookmarks Issue 1: Entrepreneurial Extras - Bhavik Mistry
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Bhavik’s Bookmarks Issue 1: Entrepreneurial Extras

Sometimes its nice to read. Here are some interesting reads I’ve come across recently.

This issue focuses on some good entrepreneurial reads for those taking the plunge. As I’m in the technology space, the articles are for the most part technology related.

Some useful information on pricing your product.

By Stephen Dupree

This could be the hardest part about starting up. Finding that price point is key to solidifying a business model that works. This article gives a few tips and hints to help you on your journey to the perfect pricing strategy. I found this to be a pretty thorough pricing table. It’s very wordy, but gives some good insight into features that one may need to describe in the future.

Getting through your first few contracts.

By Dan Shipper

Although I haven’t reached this stage there are few good pointers and things to watch out for that caught my eye. I will definitely revisit this as I progress.

Wire framing

A fairly comprehensive instructional guide to wire framing. There are some good tips, but I tended to mix in some personal preferences to make the most of my wire framing activity. Nevertheless, great reference.

Are you sure?

I’m not a big fan of the term “Start-up” or the feelings that are attached with it. I prefer small business. Any who, a good article for those considering taking the next step. For some it may be reassuring, for others, not so much.

Stay tuned for Issue 2.


— bhavik . . .


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