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Interesting Competitions

As a civil engineering student it can sometimes be difficult to find quality experience outside of a workplace to put on your CV. Over the years, I’ve found that open competitions allow you to explore concepts that are related to architecture, engineering and construction, and give you a chance to utilize some of the concepts learned in the classroom.

Of course with all competitions there is a written portion of the submission that must be completed. Some engineers may not like this, but I find this the most important part. Communication is crucial in any profession, and any chance to brush up on those skills should be taken.

To add a nice incentive, most of these competitions reward the winner(s) with cash prizes, ranging in size depending on a number of factors.

Below are two competitions I’ve come across that I find particularly interesting, mostly because of the concepts of the competitions. They’re not a typical engineering or construction related competition, however they provide a chance to think outside of the box.

Competition of Competitions

Having worked in a position that entailed procurement and contract management, this competition struck me as very interesting. The competition challenges participants to create a competition of their own, defining every portion of the competition.

Design for Death

This one is a straight-forward competition with an unconventional topic; death. I’ve never seen an open competition for the design of a cemetery, but places of death seem like an excellent place for architectural innovation.

It will challenge and change perceptionsĀ about the ways in which families honor, remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.


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