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Cow Interested in Mobile Phones

Mobile Device Charging Stations

In an increasingly more connected society, a fully charged mobile phone or tablet is becoming more and more of a necessity. Our pockets have never been more powerful, loaded with these devices that allow us to socially communicate and consume massive amounts of information like never before.

With all that consumption, we’ve created for ourselves what has been currently trending as a #firstworldproblem. It seems that with this ever increasing screen-time, our devices’ batteries just can’t keep up. It remains a #firstworldproblem because funnily enough, the developing world have seemed to figure it out.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

How much would you pay for 15% of your battery? These nifty machines will give you just that while you wait for your train or bus. Seems like a simple concept, but there still remains a gap it seems, and it’s the answer to that question which is the key to this market.

Cell Phone Charging Station (from Jammin Round the World)

In public areas should governments pay for these stations?- I personally don’t think so. This technology has the possibility of creating a decent revenue stream, and it’s something that is better left to a more agile group, that can decide fast, and take on larger risk. However, there should be more incentive for corporations to invest in such technology, for example, the discounted leasing of public areas like transit stations.

Some coffee shops and restaurants have already started embracing this culture, and providing their patrons with a place to plug-in. If it means it can keep them in their store for a little longer, there’s a higher chance of them spending more money. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Solar Powered Mobile Charging station on a restaurant patio

Solar Powered Mobile Charging station

Even with the way things are moving, there will always be those people and places who choose to be disconnected, if not all the time, maybe for a few hours per day. But in general, this is the way society is moving; towards a more connected lifestyle. These last years have been prominent for software, but the years yet to come, I believe, are going to be prominent for hardware.

–bhavik . . .

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