Freeway Beauty Captured by Photography - Bhavik Mistry
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Aerial Photograph of Highway Interchange

Freeway Beauty Captured by Photography

Driving down the freeway (or highway) is not something most people particularly pay that much attention to. From the surface, most of these roads seem mundane, paved with the same old charcoal asphalt and lined with unimpressive concrete barriers.

Aerial Shot of Freeway Interchange in Chicago

To the trained observer, the highway is more. It’s a set of carefully calculated lanes that allow motor vehicles to flow in the most orderly manner, moving people and objects safely from one point to the other. This is most apparent when you take a step up, hundreds of feet in the air, and see the art that we’ve created on our landscapes.

Peter Andrew has captured this beautifully with his set of aerial photographs of various highways across North America.

“It’s not until you look at them from the air that you see that there is this engineered, moving system that’s really creative and quite beautiful,”

You can check out his work on his website:

I feel its appropriate that the following song be enjoyed while viewing his photographs (WARNING: This song is may contain explicit lyrics):

–bhavik . . .

  • Manny
    Posted at 13:56h, 21 January

    Beautiful pictures accompanied by a very appropriate song