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Little Printer & The Internet of Things

The internet of things is an interesting space. It’s likely that you’ve heard this term somewhere, especially if you’re a tech enthusiast like myself. It was inevitable that the connectivity that made its way into our devices, would trickle down and integrate into¬†almost every facet of our lives.

One such example is the¬†pretty useless, but nevertheless entertaining, Little Printer. It’s an internet connected mini printer, that is capable of receiving short messages and sprites of content, that would print on receipt size paper. I know what you’re thinking: can’t you just email the same thing and print it at a real printer? Of course you can, but where’s the fun in that.

Little Printer Sample

Unfortunately the design firm that created the product has been dissolved/ is in the process of being dissolved. I inquired about purchasing the Little Printer right off of them, but never heard back. I believe now they’re looking to make the software stack that powers it, an open source project.

Check it out:

— bhavik . . .

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