Not Small homes, Tiny Homes. - Bhavik Mistry
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Not Small homes, Tiny Homes.

It’s apparently a growing trend among urban-ites, and maybe rightly so. With property in urban centers being scooped up by developers, prices have become un-affordable for a significant number of people. Renting is always an option, but lacks the feeling of ownership and customization that your own home comes with. The push for a more green and eco-friendly society and lifestyle, persuades many to┬ámaking the switch to a tiny home.

Note that these homes are not for everybody. Raising a large family I imagine would be quiet difficult (but not impossible) in such a confined space. However, these tiny homes really force the most efficient use of space in any individual. Growing up in a suburb, I’ve gotten used to keeping a lot of things. When I moved into the City, I thought I had kicked the habit, but as the years passed, I’ve noticed the habit of collecting never really stopped.

The tiny home mentioned in the video is a good example of a trendy tiny home that I wouldn’t mind inhabiting. Check it out.


Pretty cool eh?

Tiny homes provide a good alternative to those looking to get something of their own, while still on a very modest to low budget. They can be fairly easily moved, and if constructed properly, don’t require any permitting to have on your own property. This rise in popularity, has not surprisingly spawned an industry of trendy tiny home builders, that offer an amazing selection of these pre-built modular homes:

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

You can be certain this isn’t the last time I visit this topic!

–bhavik . . .

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